Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has travelled the rough and tumble of life into full ministry maturity and global prominence.

His towering figure resonates in spiritual dimensions with his phenomenal prophetic ministry and stupendous impact, which compel global attention. As the founder of the United Family International Church (UFIC) his authentic prophetic voice calls to order leadership in politics, business and the church.

In his home country, Zimbabwe, Prophet Makandiwa’s thriving ministry and social influence attract awe and a never-ending thirst for God. The precision of his prophetic pronouncements has earned him widespread local and international acceptance and reverence as a true man of God. Notable miracles, signs and wonders are everyday occurrences at his meetings.

United Family International Church (UFIC) has over 70,000 adult and youth attendees every week. The ministry owns a free-to-air television channel called Christ TV which is aired in most parts of Africa. Prophet Makandiwa’s personal and ministry life have been influenced to a large extent through his association with his spiritual father, Prophet Victor Kusi Boateng of Ghana. Prophet Makandiwa also looks after nearly 2,000 orphans, 300-plus widows and he constantly donates to people in need.

He is married to Ruth Makandiwa and they are blessed with five wonderful children.

Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa minister to the spiritual, physical, economic and emotional needs of people the world over.

Ruth Makandiwa, is the wife of Emmanuel Makandiwa. Apart from being a prophetess by calling and partner to her husband Emmanuel Makandiwa in ministry, Ruth is also heavily engaged in charity work in the country of Zimbabwe.

United Family Ministries has several ministries and Ruth Makandiwa heads the Charity Ministry in UFI. Mrs. Makandiwa has made her mark on society by engaging heavily in philanthropic work across the country. She is involved with many charitable events and organisations some of which she is directly responsible for. In one of her charity events, she celebrated her birthday in 2013 by hosting a party which she celebrated with homeless children.

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During the birthday celebrations she also donated goods ranging from stationary, clothing, and groceries to children from four different orphanages. On the same day, Ruth was also said to have given financial assistance to widows and street children. The donations made by Ruth Makandiwa on her birthday have become trademark as they are done every year on her birthday.

In the 2014 edition of the annual event, she is said to have made a donation of groceries worth USD 11 000 to various homes which included Harare Children’s Home, Tanyaradzwa Children’s Home, Redemption Children’s Home and Danai Children’s Home.

Ruth also heads the Agape Family Care whose main objective is to offer and care for members of society in need. Through the foundation, Ruth Makandiwa has donated groceries to more than two hundred widows, some of which were said not to have been church members.

Apart from making annual donations to Children’s home annually, Ruth also:

  • Makes hospital & clinic donations
  • Engages in community development in Rural areas
  • Commits to paying monthly rentals and groceries for families facing difficulties
  • Payments of school fees and examinations fees for selected high school and tertiary students
  • Empowers widows and orphans by providing assistance in establishing income generating projects